Clean Eating by Hedi Hearts

Clean Eating


Hedi Hearts

Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Hedi and I am here to help you rediscover the joy of preparing and eating food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to brush away all of the harsh diets, calorie counting and feelings of starvation, guilt and negative emotions. I am on a mission to help everyone fall back in love with food again! Let’s bring delicious, savory, sweet and extraordinary flavor back to our food and life!

Excited to announce my first book!

21 Recipes To Balance Your Body & Budget


If you want quick, healthy, budget-friendly meals then this book is for you! I’ve created 21 delicious recipes that are perfect for busy people – whether you’re a mum, a commuter, social butterfly or gym bunny – I’ve got you covered. This book is full of natural, nourishing meals in minutes to help you feel fantastic, and includes plenty of favourites with a healthier twist like fish and chips, creamy chicken curry and fluffy American pancakes. The average cost of every meal for two people is the same as one medium Starbucks coffee, proving that everyone can balance their body and budget.


21 Recipes in total with detailed ingredients, method and HD images

Split into Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Shopping list showing you where to get all the ingredients and how much it costs.

Each recipe under £2.60 and can be bought from Tesco, Aldi or your local store.

My favourite condiments that I have in my cupboard

Why frozen foods are a great way to eat healthy on the cheap!

Tips & Motivation on Clean Eating by me

80 pages filled with content to help you be healthier. Let’s do this


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